Tackling the Greenhouse – Part 1

So one of the neatest perks of the property we purchased was that it already had a greenhouse built. It’s not in the greatest spot, planted right next to a large weeping willow. And it’s not the greatest feat of construction, it was definitely cobbled together from a previous structure. But it’s there.

The task of refreshing it was one that seemed easy enough. Like many projects that end up taking forrrrr-eeeee-verrrr. We scheduled a BBQ to trap unsuspecting friends into helping out, and it was on:

It was in pretty sad shape, the willow had taken its toll:

It’s just sad to see the disrepair.

We started dragging out the rotten remnants of the previous gardener. The potting bench was rat-ridden and falling apart, it had to go:

Removed also were the meager plant benches and a large and useful, but also rodent infested shelving.

Once the years of crud were removed from the interior, we stripped the broken roof panels off:

The key is, you have your most daring and courageous friend to climb the rotten roof. That or the most gullible one.

The water-weathered fascia had to come off as well.

Most importantly, we got rid of the offending limbs from the willow!

And in the end, the best part of the day was kicking back around the fire:

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