An inadvertent tradition.

Each year my wife and I get Good Friday off, and for the second year in a row we’ve chosen to use the day to haul rock from the local quarry. It wasn’t until most of the way through the morning we realized it had become a tradition, though an unintentional one.

I’m amazed every time our old dump truck Big Blue fires right up. It was just cold enough to put a good frost on everything, but the old 292 came to life within seconds, and was soon complaining that I was giving it too much choke.

The driveway has come a long way from when we moved in. Still not great, and it still has a number of potholes, but at least it has some rock in it now. We brought in 10,000 lbs last year in one day. One pickup load at a time, one shovel at a time. So began the Good Friday tradition. 5 tons doesn’t look like much when it’s spread out over the driveway:

Fast forward one year and it needs some more attention:

Big Blue handled 5.5 tons like a champ:

I had the rear gate open a bit too wide at first, but soon caught on and was able to spread the rock fairly evenly (notice the big pile at the beginning…):

It got easier with a little practice:

While at the quarry, I found and promptly squashed the first mosquito of the season:

Not too shabby for 2 hours of work. It’s much easier when the rock doesn’t have to be shoveled out of the bed of a truck. We just had to even things out a bit with rakes.

We still probably need two more loads, but at least we won’t have to drive through mud for a week after each small shower.

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