Tackling the Greenhouse – Part 4

We finally got a nice day and were able to get several coats of paint on all of the exposed wood, including the new supports between the joists. This is the point where we ran out of steam and the project got put on the back burner. With no roof.

My wife and I tried to strip the shingles ourselves, but it turns out we’re both pretty poor at climbing steeply-pitched roofs, and we chickened out. It would have been comical watching us. After a few months of staring at it, I broke down and called a guy. Said guy had it and our barn re-roofed in a couple days:

Definitely more substantial than the corrugated PVC, but a bit more costly, Solexx is corrugated plastic that’s impregnated to be UV-resistant. It’s not supposed to fade or turn yellow as the sun bakes it, and best of all, it has a 10-year warranty. With the hail here in Kansas, I might go through several sets of old-school paneling in that time, we’ll see if the Solexx holds up.

One of the nice parts is it diffuses the sun’s light to an even glow, so we should be able to get away without using shade cloths. We think.

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